Software using relatedness algorithms to optimally pair fish

DNA based breeding program.

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Matis has developed breeding techniques for aquatic species based on DNA technology for tagging of fish and establishing pedigree information. By using DNA information or “Natures Own Tag” offspring can be assigned to a pedigree. A small clip of tissue from fins or gills is used to extract DNA from the fish and a so called genotyping is performed. A genotype of an individual is similar to a fingerprint. All individuals have their own genotype different from other individuals. Based on a number of genetic markers, a pattern can be made for each individual, which is like a barcode of the individual. This DNA profile is called a genotype. Every cell of the body of an animal has the same genome and when reproducing the offspring receives half the genome from the mother and half the genome from the father. Therefore, genotyping can be used to trace individuals to their parents. It can also be used to trace to origin if the genotypes of populations are known. By using 10 good microsatellite markers the accuracy is as high as 99.99%. This technique is used in paternity analyzes of humans. For this reason microsatellite markers are powerful tools in establishing an accurate pedigree.

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